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Brrrrr a cold start to Thursday

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Brrrrr a cold start to Thursday
  • 5 above here.  Not sure what it is with the wind chill factored in but I know it is cold.

    So far I have let Whisper grow her own winter blanket.  When it is this cold out blankets are tempting but she is inside, has hay all the time and water when it doesn't freeze.  Now I will have to haul water for her and for the cats.  I can use the hydrant in the barn, it is frost free but the handle freezes so I keep an electric tea kettle there to boil water to thaw the hydrant.  Still, just as easy to carry water over and even the cats like their water warm.

    Got a package in the mail yesterday for my son in HI.  Sent him the tracking number.  He should have it before Christmas.  He will be alone.  Wife gone to Maui to spend Christmas with her family.  He is staying home to take care of the dogs.  Last year he was here with us because of his father's fire and she was home alone.  

    Have no desire to suit up and go to the barn.  Might wait until it is a bit lighter out there.

    Interesting that I keep finding horses needing homes when I have room.  I need to keep reminding myself that I am only buying hay and grain for one horse.  

    Hope all are well and not suffering from weather extremes. 

  • Good morning Connie,

    And everyone else.

    18*  here. Wow.

    I put blankets on mine that don't have stalls.

    When it is less than 30. Also if it is rainy and or windy.

    I did not blanket Tex last night.

    He has a fuzzy thick bear-like coat.

    And I did pull the truck and trailer along the north side of his pen.

    It provides wind block for him and all the others.

    I also have to haul hot water for their buckets.

    So I better get started this morning,

    They will need some hay this morning before turn out.

    We usually don't have that much cold weather and usually only a few days at a time.

    Long volunteer day for me today.

    But high in the 50's.

    I hope everyone has a lovely day.

  • there is a lady on FB who is posting almost daily videos of driving her ponies in her sleighs.  She has Ice as well as snow so the sleigh is going along beautifully.  LOVE seeing her videos even though they make me feel faintly guilty.  I mean, there she is, single digit temps and driving almost every day.  It has been in the forties and raining a lot here.   yet wuss that I am, my horse and ponies stand.   Well, when it isn't raining, they get out in the paddocks...

    Moved all the loose paneling and cabinets from the (Spartanette) tandem into the Royal.  Spent today researching window seals and weather stripping.  I have to figure out a way of removing those tiny screws on the top of the window panes.  the Bedroom windows are going to be a problem as the P.O . gooped them all up with caulking.  they're a real mess.  Won't have to bother with them for a while though.

    Well, I'm falling asleep at my keyboard here.  So, good night  to all and sundry!