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Sunday storm?

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Sunday storm?
  • We are on a watch for a foot to a foot and a half of snow starting this morning.  If the new prediction is correct, it should start about the same time Church does.  Their initial start time was 7am so if they are the same three hours off, Church and a safe trip back home are possible.

    Cal brought home some wood that my James blocked when he was here and the neighbor went over and split Friday.  the log needs to be rolled to get at the rest of the blocks..danged trunk is at least 3' through.  I brought some of the wood in to the wood room to have in case we get the snow...it might be well seasoned, but it is not really dry.  Still it is an easier size for me to handle.  I will admit, I am getting better at splitting the chunks that are already inside....as long as I have a wedge to hit with the maul.  

    Whisper has refused to leave the barn since I got the fill in front of the door.  I will have to take the time to "encourage" her to go out and move around a little.  She is really relishing her hot water...her stall bucket was frozen solid this morning.

    Hoping everyone has a great Sunday and week.

  • Made it to Church and back.  The sky was just beginning to spit snow when we got to church.  Road was covered when we left and it is coming down steadily.  So glad the only place I have to go is to the barn.

  • a rather dreary rain here.  House is cold...  We both have a small collection of Aladdin lamps.  I'm currently using one as a space heater.  they're good for that as the mantle puts out a  lot of heat!  I'll have to switch this one out shortly as it hasn't much kero left.

    Horses and ponies are all standing close to each other (where they can) in the barn.  In the upper thirties today.


  • Sorry for your weather woes.

    It is a clear blue sky day here.

    We will have 30's tonight.

    A crazy mammoth crop of acorns here.

    So many that it crunches wherever you walk.

    I think we will have a mammoth crop of deer next year.

    We have seen so many bucks.

    Six at the water trough this morning

    Maybe a movie night for a change.

    Have a great upcoming week everyone!