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Wonderful Wednesday

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Wonderful Wednesday
  • Yesterday I arranged for a small load of fill to be brought and dumped in front of the barn.  It gets so muddy there. I paid for the load, grabed the metal rake and a shovel and proceeded to spread it out.  Showed Cal after he came home.  He approved and now wants more.  Ibuprofen every four hours since I got done and the pain level is not bad.  This old girl is tougher than she thought.

    Glad you got your chicken house done and the horses moved Stude.  Does the guy have a harness and cart and an interest in driving?  

    Have a great day everyone.

  • Wow! some busy butts around here.Installing tack rooms, moving horses and fill. I need to do a lot of fill work in the barn area. Also build a new pad for a run in shed.And try to get better drainage around the pens. My pain doctor always says if I'm going to do something stupid (overwork) to take an aleve beforehand.

    I plan to have a tack room on the end of the new run in shed.Yes crazy amounts of tack for 5 horses. I have tried to severely limit by every horse having it's own set for riding. Actually I am using 1 saddle for 2 of them.

    Monday I spent the day taking my friend Kay to her eye appointment. Quite an involving appointment. She has macular degeneration. Her vision has weakened but she did not require a shot. Back in 2 months and we scheduled it so I could take her again. I am very fearful for her ability to drive. She plans to move into town now that her husband Gale is gone. But she is a good ways from that goal. I am acutely aware that I need an eye check as well.

    Yesterday we did some barn prepping for hopefully coming rain. Pilot welded some rings on the round bale rack so it could be more suitably covered.

    Today I guess is Thanksgiving dinner prep. This year Pilot and I are doing some game hens with minimal trimmings for ourselves. Sis has to work and is going to do Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.

    Today is Hunterseat's Birthday! Miss her around here and I hope she has a wonderful day!

    Wishing you all have a wonderful Wednesday as well!

  • Yeah, he has a collection of wagons and buggies.  However his health is such that he never gets out to do much of anything.  Hence the mare is basically feral.  I posted some pics of his vehicles here a few years ago.  He is lucky to have a son who bought him a house in town and moved them into it.  Greg is now setting things up so he can take care of his horses this winter.