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sunshine start for Tuesday

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sunshine start for Tuesday
  • My tack building arrived yesterday!!  A 10 x 12 building, either Amish or Mennonite built, not sure which since it came from the auction.  The men who delivered it did a decent job although they did break a door and did do a decent job of repairing it.  The older man (father and son) ran the bobcat.  He almost went over the cliff with it.  Still I now have a place to put my tack separate from the barn.  I can lock it up now.  Also, get some out of the garage.  Amazing how much tack I have when I only have one horse.

    morning sunrise was pretty

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  • Moved a friend's horses from his place to a place just down the road from us.  the gelding was a driving horse once, a long time ago.  the mare is not even halter broke.  We got old Cesar into the trailer and the mare followed him right in with minimal encouragement.  She even behaved fairly well during the trip.  Not bad for a mare who hasn't even been handled much!  truly a blessing.

    It began to snow just as we got the mare loaded.  Got a bit heavy as we were driving and unloading.  By the time we headed home, it was sticking on the road.  thank God we were only two miles out.  So far, about six inches, however doesn't seem inclined to stay.  the wind is picking up too.  Cold as bejeebers out there too!

    Chicken house is done and Chickens are thoroughly confused.  However, they will be far more comfortable now.  Particularly when the wind is blowing, like tonight.  La haute forte Poulet is back in business!

    Hope everyone has a great night's sleep and a great week of thanksgiving.