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Windy Wednesday

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Windy Wednesday
  • We have some wind and rain forecast the next few days.
    The weekend should be nice.

    Amy, C and I had a nice ride yesterday.
    Gorgeous weather 75* and sunny.
    C's mom made us a lovely lunch and we sat on the porch and enjoyed.

    I have a couple trees to get in the ground today. And a bunch of seeds to scatter.

    Hunterseat, So nice to see you.
    Sorry about the old dog.
    Good luck on Tennessee? It's not Texas. : (

    Study sorry about your sore back. Our chiro says to hang from a chin up bar. Hands close together. It helps stretch.
    Relieves a lot of my tightness and back pain.
    Also over the last few years I have measured taller at doctor appointments. Incrementally but taller nonetheless.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!
  • I never got back here to post yesterday.  Don't feel like making a Thursday title so will post here.

    Whisper dumped her hot water in the afternoon and then acted like I should bring more...nope.  refilled her cold water bucket,   She acted miffed.  Then, being a mean mooded gal, I forced her to allow me to have cuddles before she could have her grain.  I did find that if I told her where to put her head, she would, (no halter or touching of her head) she would.  She didn't leave it there, but she would put it there each time I told her.  She is fun.  I am sure she thinks I am annoying.

    We should have a decent day today with mild temperatures.  Then, overnight, we are due for rain, freezing rain and snow.  

    Have a great day everyone.  Stude, please do not overdo.