Yesterday was a drizzly damp cold day.
I was expecting it to be warmer.
And i should have worn one more layer.

I was cold soaked by the time I got home.
With no fire and only one furnace working I could not get warm.
I piled on the couch after supper with a blanket and heat packs.
Not until I got in bed with the electric blanket cranked did I get warmed.

Jet had an impaction years ago so I double salt in the feed when I see temps are going to fluctuate.
And I carry hot water to everyone.

Blankets for un-stalled horses if it is going to rain or be in the 20's.
I noticed that Tex was sweating under his new blanket this last cold round.
He gets super fuzzy so I think he will only get blanketed if it rains.

Yes I hate ads.
People are being targeted so profusely and I don't think they are even aware.
What really bothers me is the spammers and scammers that are "allowed" to operate?

I guess I should start moving.
The weekend nears.

Everyone have a fabulous Friday!