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Thursday Rising Temps

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Thursday Rising Temps
  • Looks like a good weather week here.
    I hope to get some riding done.
    Both Sarcee and Tex need some miles.

    My water woes are with Tex.
    He won't drink out of his water tub.
    Turn him out and he will go drink out of someone else's.
    Or if you put a bucket of water in his pen he will drink from that.
    And yes I have switched tubs so I don't understand.
    Silly boy.

    Legitimate news source, Ha!
    Pilot hates if I watch the news with him because I dissect every comment said.
    The Drudge Report seems the most "legit" we have found so far?

    Volunteer day for me.
    Have a great day!
  • Cold here but warming up.

    Whisper loves her hot water.  She expects it.  I don't mind catering to her...she needs to drink, and carrying hot water is less expensive than a vet call for impaction.

  • Face, I do the same thing.  You can go a step further and block any brand or advertising agency forever.  Quite satisfying indeed!  However... I am a sucker when something like stained glass light catchers, etc, show up.

    Yeah, we feed salt all winter to encourage drinking.  Impaction or worse, Colic!  I've lost horses to Colic.  Both Riverdance's and Socks' sires died young of Colic.  Seems to be a Hackney thing.  Either they die in their teens of colic or in their forties and fifties.  Sock's Great, Great, Great. Grandsire, Forest King died at Fifty Five a week after doing an exhibition at a show in London.  He's only in his late thirties when this shot was taken in 1901.

    Had a colic scare with Socks this past Summer.

    Well, the boss is after me to geto work.  Hope everyone has a greathursday!

  • Harley impacted a few years ago...a long tedious road back to health for him.  Whisper wanted to colic when she got cast this past year.  I have an electric tea kettle in the barn to use to thaw the hydrant but I can also use it to temper the water in the bucket if she is still thirsty when she finishes her bucket of straight hot.