Thank you all!

Must get everything ready for the winter blast.
It starts at noon.
We need all out door plumbing winterized.
Pilot started on it yesterday.

Round bale to put out. And take hay to cattle.

And look for neighbors missing cow.
We finally met the neighbors on the west.
We were out riding and they were patching fence.
Cow was missing but not on our side.

We had a great ride.

Hey Hunterseat!
You know the answers.
Come here and we will ride your ass off!
Also someone who allows themselves to be treated like a doormat shouldn't be with someone who treats them like a doormat.
Was there a third question? Oh, yes there is an english saddle here for you.

I am glad Connie is feeling better and I hope Stude is also.
Congrats on the new tack room.
I am hoping for funds this year to get another double run in with attached tack room.

I better get moving.
Everyone have a great day!