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Thursday The Cold

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Thursday The Cold
  • is coming.
    Temps falling from 65 this morning to 35 tonight.
    Wind changing from the north.
    Mix in a chance of rain all day.

    We are getting showers this morning.
    Horses are in for the day.
    They will likely need blankets tonight.

    I have a full volunteer day.
    A new couple coming in for training.
    He helped back in the original shop.
    And she is a newly retired Admiral.

    Everyone have a great day.
  • DH would that be the Rear Admiral who retired in September?  Seems you travel in high places.

    Another beautiful day here in Oak Run.  Got very little done as back and legs giving me trouble.


  • Starting to get over whatever it is that is making my life miserable.  At least the allergy part has eased up.

    A friend, one of "MY KIDS" from when I worked at the school , is trying to convince me to come and try a pinto mare she has.  She sounds perfect and she is rather cute.  I do not need two horses for the winter but good ones are hard to come by and it is tempting.

    We got our first  snow that stuck late yesterday and overnight.  Maybe an inch.  Rather hope it doesn't last but the advance forecast seems to have quite a few snowflakes in it.

    The weekend is getting closer.  Have a nice one all.  Stude, passed on the miss you to Hunter.  I also hope your back and legs stop being pests.