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Wednesday ah ah ah
  • CHOO!!!

    Hmm, I got thoroughly chilled this week and thought, "Oh, great, a cold is moving in",  Not really.  I discovered it apparently is an allergic reaction to my nemesis , wheat.  I have known since before I was a teen that I react to grasses and pollens and scents.  Finally realized that eating grasses (wheat) starts the same results as touching or breathing their lovliness. Since I love bread and butter I succumbed and ate quite a bit of it the past few days.  Not a good idea.  So, vitamin C and no more wheat...I can tolerate a small amount of it but it seems not as much as I ate.

    Still debating on getting a stable mate for Whisper.  She is fine alone just won't go outside and relax alone.  Yet adding another horse means twice as much hay, grain and work.  Part of the beauty of working with Standardbreds was the fact that you got different horses on a regular basis...doing R and R was the best.  Rehab them and get them back racing and get another project.  I like making them feel better.

    I have not sneezed in half an hour.    I might be on the mend.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • Bless you! Thankful I don't have allergies other than to penicillin. And hay, but I ignore that one. We literally have tons of acorns. I worry about the horses eating them but there is no way to keep them away. Even if I kept them locked in their pens they fall from the trees in the barnyard. I have never seen so many. The trees are just loaded. There will be acorns on the ground forever. Hunting opener has left us with a wounded deer for the fourth year in a row. This time a beautiful buck. Amy and I are going to ride today and see about him. Pilot saw him yesterday and thinks he will survive. Amy and I are going over to ride with C today.

  • Between several types of arthritis, mild gout (a form of arthritis), and food allergies, life is.. interesting.  the GMO stuff had a negative effect on me as well.  I am considering switching my sugar to C&H because they aren't GMO.  However I have to find out if they desiccatete sugar cane like wheat and corn.  If they do, I suppose there's no pointo switching.  Some types of hay can bring up welts and hives on my skin.  so, yeah.  Life is interesting and I buy a lot of varieties of Benedryl.

    We put sixty or so bales of hay in the container on Sunday.  We're full to the front.  I took a tumble off the trailer and slammed my back againsthe door of the Container.  Still pretty sore from that.

    Well, I suppose work beacons.  It's time to exithe World Wide Waste of time.  Hope everyone has a great week!  Hope Hunter is okay.