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Halloween Thursday Thirty!

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Halloween Thursday Thirty!
  • Thats ccccold.
    Freezing temps and blustery winds.
    Rain was less than a half inch.

    Horses got blanketed with extra hay.
    An extra helping of salt all around also.

    Fall stuff has not been done. Hoping for some better weather next week.
    Lots of planting needs doing.

    Thursday volunteer day is on tap.
    Probably an extra shift Saturday also if no-one else is scheduled.
    It is our annual VFD fish fry but Pilot can pick me up on the way and drop me after we eat.

    Connie- Ticks are icky. Pilot had rocky mountain spotted tick fever many years ago.
    And we learned much later from an entomologist that specialized in ticks that it is the likely cause of his low blood platelets.

    Everyone have a Happy Halloween.
    Can you believe tomorrow is November?

  • November?  Another year almost over.  Hard to believe.

    A few days ago I noticed Whisper was starting to fill in her legs.  I eventually put overnight bandages on her front legs.  Took them off and swelling was gone, a bit back at night.  Did her up again.  At some point I pinpointed the swelling to after she got her himalayan salt on a rope.  Hmmm.  Took it awa;y and paid more attention to her water intake...she has fantastic output.  Her bucket had hay in it but was almost full.  I took it out and replaced it with a new bucket of water which she immediately dove into.  Seems she, like another mare from years ago that loved me, wants fresh water...none of this stale stuff she has dropped hay into.  Topping off is not appreciated either.  I think she is about ready to get her salt back.  BTW, she has a red mineral/salt brick in her stall.  She had a white one all summer.

    Need to get more rounds but it is raining so maybe not today...if I can have the truck, I can get just one. Only if the man with the hay can get to the barn where it is.  I know it is wet down there and they keep the area lawn mower mowed.

    Got kitty and dog treats yesterday.  Not to be left out got my self an Amaryllis.  Now to see if I can properly maintain it.

  • took the old roof apart on the chicken house.  Found more bird ticks.  Will soak all of that with Pyrethrin before re-assembling.  Nasy little things!  All four walls are up on the new one and Jmebear is already planning on where to place furniture.  I only have plywood on two walls yet.  She found a recipe for waterproof whitewash on Youtube.  Has beef tallow in it.  All we have to do is find some.

  • Check with local butchers/slaughterhouses.  People seldom take the fat when they get a cow converted to cut wrapped and frozen.

  •   Me thinks that is going to smell?

  • Well DH, I haven't ever known a chicken house without a rather strong... bouquet of its own.  However I am told the lime neutralizes any odour.  Only one wall left and I can start rebuilding the roof.  this one should be fiddly as it has two windows in it.  Puthe chicken door and drawbridge back in.  La Forte Poulet is taking shape again!

    Looks like my daughter and the rest of Healdsburg have been allowed back home.  It appears the Kincaid fire has been contained.  My nerves can now come back.

    there is a small area with a bank fenced off between the Mini's runs off the barn and our little arena.  It keeps the mares from bothering Jmebear's little stallion during free time.   One of the sheep wiggled into there through a gap in the fence today.  Lilly's little colt was fascinated with the Ewe and kept chewing on her wool through the fence.  then he saw her little teats and tried to nurse.  Doris took it well, only giving him a rather startled look and moving out of reach.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We're going to a sale at a local store where they have some Aladdin brand lamps on sale for super low prices.  Shouldn't spend the money, but we are going to buy some.