tick in the world.  I was doing chores this morning and one of the barn kitties, Legacy, had a big black bulge on the back of her neck.  I wear rubber palmed strechy gloves...$1 store gardening gloves to do chores.  They give me good grip, block the chill, and allow me to handle wet things without getting my hands wet.  So, in spite of all of the warnings about picking them out and leaving the head in, I pulled the blinking thing out, put it in the wheel barrow and rolled it with a spray can...I heard a satisfying crunch, the can had a huge spot of blood on it and bye bye tick.  I then cleansed the can and the gloves with alcohol.

 Have been taking a lot of pictures of Whisper the past few days.  I think she looks good for a horse in her late teens. A friend tried to tell me she needs more around her top line.  I like how she looks, however.  I would like more butt but that comes with work and muscle the vet tells me.  Since she refuses to spend time in the pasture where there is a steep hill to go up and down to get to and from the pasture and I don't ride more than once a week, I can settle for the fact she has a high croup.

We have been having mild weather in the fifties and sixties.  Rain is coming and the forecast for my friends 100 miles north is snow for the weekend.  I don't enjoy the rain but like it better than snow.  Guess I had best go and get more round bales or Whisper will have to eat this year's late first that she considers only good to piddle on.  I really need to make a manger for her...she is not neat with her hay.

Hope all are having a good week.  My outlook on life is improving.  Oh, a FB friend has a perfect horse for sale for me or Cal.  A black MFT gelding, 14.3 15 years and kid gentle.  Don't really want to winter two but this horse is pretty much what I have been looking for for years.  Less than 4 hours away. hmmm.