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First ride of October, NOT

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First ride of October, NOT
  • Between weather and life horse rides have not happened for a while. Yesterday was to change that. Beautiful weather. Apache and Fancy tacked up. Putting on my riding boots and Apache starts acting strange and breaks his halter to detach himself from the barn, then proceeds to lay down. Gets up, lays down, gets up, lays down. I am thinking I screwed up the saddle really bad. During his 3rd time down, I manage to get the saddle undone. He gets back up and just stands. Put in the wash bay and we take a break. He looks fine. I am convinced it was the saddle. Try again. This time I do not tighten the girth all the way, in fact, it had a long way to go. Down he goes again. Get the saddle undone. He gets back up, appears fine. He had pooped when I went to bring him in. We could hear gut noises. Heart was not racing and his gums were nice and pink. He never tried to lay down again. Never kicked at his gut. Took him to round pen and had him do some trotting. Wife heard a nice big fart from him. Put him in barn for a few hours with just water. Pooped again and never laid down. Not fun. Probably some gas pain and the saddle and girth didn't help the situation. We had another horse a couple weeks ago who appeared to be colic as well. Think we caught it quick enough to deal with her, she got to do some jogging on the driveway.

    Anyway, rain coming today so looks like October will be a bust in regards to horse riding.  

  • Wow! Face that was some dramatic gas colic event.

    I am glad Apache is ok.

  • Put a bit in the bridle I got at a tack sale.  Took it over this afternoon and tried it on Whisper.  It is pink and black with bling on the browband and cheeks.  Putzed around sorting through bridles and bits and getting some together to bring back to the house to clean.  Picked up her stall.  I might have been over there an hour.  Came back to the house, sat down and felt something odd on my side.  Pulled up my shirt and grabbed what was annoying me...a TICK!!  Tried to squish it but it moved again.  Put it on a napkin, wrapped it in the napkin, held it tight and took it to the wood stove and performed a cremation.  I have never seen a tick on a human on only twice on the cats here.  Now I feel creepy crawly.  

    Nasty creatures.  I don't think I got bitten.  I am not sure where I picked it up but I will have to keep every thing tucked in until snow flies I guess.

  •  A dear friend saw a picture of Whisper and her new bridle...the comment was PINK?  well she is your horse.