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Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
  • and....the water pump has improved but is not quite right yet.  It apparently was leaking at the filter.  Cal adjusted it, the leak seems to be gone or at least has lessened, and the pump is not cycling like it did.  It still might need an air volume adjustment.  Yet, it is currently working more properly and the floor down there is drying up...concrete floor and the pump is in the same room as the wood stove so life is once more almost normal...if there is a normal.

    I want to change Whisper to the bigger stall.  It is matted and brighter.  Problem?  there is one of those whirly gig things in the ceiling/roof for air and it not only moves air out it lets rain and snow in. In the past we have bagged it.  I think a board under it to block things going up or coming down would be good...it is a L O N G way up there, however.    Something to ponder and try to figure out who I can get to do it.  I am wondering if I can get the Amish boys to come back for a day and do some things?  They work well and I trust them. We need a ridge cap purchased and put on the roof over the garage...  They put the roof on but we didn't get ridge cap before they had to leave.  

    No special plans for today only the regular feed and care for the critters stuff.

    Hope today and the weekend are good for everyone.

    Cuddle time with Whisper.  She does not approve but tolerates it.

  • Connie, many years ago I boarded in a barn that had turbines on the roof with similar issues.  One of the solutions was to put a trap door on.  they built a rim under the turbine and had a drain hose.  It was just a fitting at the end of the flashing with a garden hose run down to the eves where it would drain outside.   the trap door was on a spring so it would stay shut when closed.  there was a lever attached to a long rod which operated the door.  A catch held the lever down when in the 'open' position.

    I left Ocean Shores Wa. with a trailer at  5pm on this Friday.  Got home on Sunday at 2am.   Wind blowing like the Devil and heavy rain.  Had a bad time with the trailer because of it.  Long exahausting trip, that one.

  • Stude thank you for the tip.  We bagged it one year but eventually by summer the bag came off.  I have thought about using a door of some kind under it but yours goes a step or two better.

    Thankful you made it home safely.

    The internet is acting up again...so annoying.

    Rode Whisper Sunday.  She was her normal good self but a little more up than usual.  Still a good time.  She was ears up and moving in a sprightly fashion as we rode down the road but coming back she was much more subdued.

    Was a day late on an Arab gelding headed to the New Holland PA sale.  He was the only one in the group that was friendly and also rode.  The others were two stallions and a couple of aged, very aged, brood mares.  If I had known about him Saturday, before they shipped, I would have been very tempted to inquire his price and ask them to ride him and let me know how he went.  I do NOT need another horse to care for for the winter.