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Tuesday technical issues

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Tuesday technical issues
  • Spent a lot of time yesterday on the phone with tech support.  Internet is wonky again.  The guy set up a repair ticket and thought he had made it better.  Nope.  Still in and out like the pendulum on a clock.  Soooo called tech support and the automated system said they  would attempt to reset the system...so far so good.  One slight burp, well, now two, but not long lasting.  Repair guy comes in about ten days.  I like having the computer, am thankful for the smart phone that does not rely on my DSL for service, but really find the in and out service is particularly annoying when I am trying to watch tv.  Ok, rant over.

    Took a couple of selfies with Whisper yesterday.  She hates cuddles.  Still, she lets me.

    I am doing pretty well with the new to me Fisher wood stove.  I am managing to keep the fire going and so far it can get by with being tended twice a day.  Thinking of ordering more wood since the wood my son cut is still out in someone's field since he had no way to transport it.  The blocks are huge since the tree was at least 3' through and he was blocking the trunk.  Heavy buggers even though the tree has been down a couple of years.

    I am meeting a friend for lunch today.  A pleasant diversion.

    Hope all have a wonderful week.  

  • Neither of my mares like cuddles but I make them. Mostly hugs and kisses.

    The 3 geldings will let you hang on them all day.

    We finished a power-pack wormer on Jet yesterday. Hoping he improves some more..

    Did a short ride. It was a beautiful day. Had a few raindrops start so we came in. Of course it did not rain.

    Roofers did not show yesterday. No call, nothing. Getting frustrated. This needs to be finished.

    Pilot's 80 year old cousin is stopping for an overnight visit tomorrow.

    I hope he likes spaghetti and meatballs.

    Have a great day!

  • Sometimes with a wacky internet service you can simply unplug the router for a few seconds and then power it back up and it fixes itself.

  • Thank you., Face.  Spent a lot of time on the phone with tech adviser and we tried that.  He also had me take the filter off the incoming line.  This is now Thursday morning and for some reason it seems to be working...so far.  I was told there was a lot of trouble in this area and can only hope they got whatever the issue was fixed.Not going to cancel the repair ticket until things work the way they should.  After the last major fix and almost two months of good service, I am spoiled.

    Thank you again for your suggestion.