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  • Friday was near 100 here. Saturday barely made it 70. Very thankful for the drop, Summer just wouldn't leave. With the cold front there was a slight change of rain but ended up rainy all day long, thankful for that as well though it messed up our plans. No riding. Went to an Oktoberfest in local town. Poured on the way there, got their, seemed OK, walked around, saw way too much lightning, so we left. Poured again as we left and we ended up at a new oriental restaurant. 

  • It is now Monday.  Another day of rain.  yuck.  Fits my mood, I am a bit blue because my son flies out early tomorrow morning to return to Hawaii.  I have enjoyed him being here.  Almost two months but it seems like less than a week.

    It is getting daylight now so I suppose I had best go over and feed Whisper.  And the kitties.

    Have a great week all.