We had a spritz of rain but we need more!

New riding bud coming to join Amy and I tomorrow.
I hope we all gel.

The parade went great except there is not one decent picture of us.
B said Jet could have done the whole thing without her.
She was thrilled and is talking about next year.

Tex did awesome with all of it.
Except after the parade was over we were riding down a backstreet to get to the trailer.
He had met all the peach princesses before the parade started, all were petting and telling him how handsome he was.
Their float came past us on the backstreet as we were waiting for pokey slow Jet.
The princesses had all linked together and were dancing.
Tex decided that was a NEW big horse eating monster!
He flipped around to run but I turned him back and we didn't get eaten.
He was a very handsome good boy.

Have a great day!