Not talking firearms here. Don't any liberal lurkers get upset...although they might not get the reference.
How about Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Anywho, today was Randsburg (CA) Old West Days (or something along those lines). There was a shootout - that was fun.
There was a guy riding along on a horse and I said "Is he kiss-broke?" LOL The guy (of course he was a cutie) looked confused and asked me to repeat. I did and his horse planted a wet one on my face. PERFECT TIMING. The guy says "yep! See?" It was fun. I got a cool thing to hang on my fence out back made of barbed wire, horseshoes and a metal horse. There was a lady who makes cool stuff and it was reasonable. I love patronizing artisans.

I'm going to my 40th high school reunion in October. Meeting the guy from CT down there. I do miss him and it will be fun. We plan to spend a lot of time at the beach, first with my friends in Kill Devil Hills NC, then a cabin on the beach at Camp Lejuene, and we will ride down to visit with his cousin in Myrtle Beach. Life's a beach!

I lost my Teddy dog. I guess that's old news. He had cancer. It was a shock because I took him for routine surgery (I thought) and she found that. I really expected to bring him home. Anyway, Carmy has some pretty bad arthritis. I was sure she had something that was going to require an orthopedic surgeon but no. Meds are helping and I try to swim her in the bathtub occasionally. The homeless rescue dinosaur dog is hanging in there. My rescue kitty is still living with lung disease but a little apparently stray kitty was emaciated and meowed at me in the back yard. I think she knew I'd feed her. Took her to get spayed and the vet said "she's been spayed previously but I didn't see a scar so I opened her up and looked around" WHAAAA??? Apparently that sometimes happens. So it's taken me a couple of weeks for her to come around me again, poor little girl. I like her to be in at night (big cats pick on her) but she and Juju hang out in the back yard during the day. There's a privacy fence and they're pretty good about not going anywhere. I'm surrounded by fenced back yards so coyotes can't get in.

My son was t-boned on his Sportster and walked away. Less than a week later, his wife got in an accident on her bike when someone turned in front of her. She'll be in the hospital a while but thank goodness she's not dead! I think she'll be okay once she mends. Scary stuff.

I hope the weekend is turning out well for all. Stude I hope you're using some kind of dust mask in the chicken coop demo!
All is well here. Work is great. Earthquake recovery is the topic of the year at the base. That's what I'm in the middle of.