Temperatures in the 40's this morning.  I actually put on my gloves when I did chores.  Whisper is all fuzzy.  Of course she started shedding in July and has had plenty of time to start her winter wooly growth.

Son is still here trying to get his father to finish the clean up at the old house.  He really needs to go back to HI and tend to his own business while he still has one.  I feel heart hurt for him since his brother (also my son) has always been dad's favorite and he will not help with this project.  Yet, dad is leaving everything to the one who isn't helping.  Breaks my heart.

Dental this afternoon.  A cleaning.  REally not looking forward to it.  Not thrilled with dental appointments.  

Made my first Caprese salad yesterday.  Not sure I like reduced balsamic dressing but it went over well with the guys here.

Face, sorry for your loss.  I fully understand your feelings towards smoking.  It is a terrible addiction.

The sun is up and chores are done.  I am enjoying coffee and computer time..plus an old black and white Sherlock Holmes episode on Pluto.

Have a great day.