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Wonderful Wednesday

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Wonderful Wednesday
  • A bright sunny morning here.  Rain came overnight.  No special plans for the day.  Son got the old wood stove out of the lower level and set it up in the yard so Cal can burn things out side and do it in a fairly safe way.  Son also got our "new" Fisher into the lower level and put in all new stove pipe with a damper.  I see less wood being used this winter since the stove will not have to be run wide open like the old one was,

    I still seem to have some dizzy episodes since my fall a month ago but they are getting fewer.  I want to ride now that the weather is cooler.  Whisper needs the exercise and I need the feel of a good horse under me.

    Friday, if things work as planned, I will drive 100 miles to get 200lbs of oats and about 150lbs of steaks.  The last beef I got , an entire side, is good but there was a mis cue with the butcher and most of it was hamburg.  This time the directions are ALL steaks maybe a few roasts.  Apparently he can do cube steaks and some super thin sandwich steaks.  Looking forward to getting and trying them.

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


  • Mmm Connie your steaks sound great!  Cube steak = chicken fried steak and thin sandwich steaks = philly steak and cheese!

    Your son is doing wonderful things for you.

    We have cooler temps. Clouds and a sprinkle of much needed rain.

    My nephew Lucky Boy's 18th birthday tomorrow. His only birthday request was for me to cook ribs.

    You would think he would ask for a car?

    A trip to town yesterday to get ribs and today I shall spend cooking since Thursday is volunteer day.

    I will get the ribs almost ready so they only have to basically reheat for Pilot to stick in the oven.

    I don't think I can leave early tomorrow since someone else already requested off.

    We'll see what happens.

    Everyone have a great day and rest of the week.