So I had plans to ride with Amy today.
We were going to pack a picnic of sandwiches and head over to Ms. Toni's.
It is her 85+ birthday.

C texted she had talked to Toni and decided we all should go over to celebrate.
I said fine Amy and I had planned to and everyone bring sandwiches and join in.
Then it became they would add another birthday and they had a whole menu for a dinner they were going to bring.

Finally I said no, I had already made plans to ride with my friend and I was not going to ditch her for a party.
I will take Toni out to lunch this coming week. She will have an extended birthday celebration. And Amy and I will have a nice ride today.

Yesterday Pilot and I made the drive through Austin to visit a dying friend in Elgin.
I brought their favorite baked goodies. We had a nice easy lunch and she herded us out to beat the evening traffic jams.
The traffic was bad but Pilot was surprised at his feeling of exhaustion when we returned home. The drive was 2-1/2 hours each way.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!