This week NOAA actually is posting 100 on our forecast. So it REALLY will be HOT!
Next week looks slightly better. August is half over. (already)

Amy and I went for a quick loop around yesterday. Then she helped me bathe and trim. We got four baths and 3 trims done.
A huge help and luckily I get to pay her with horse manure! And riding of course.
She takes a pick up load every once in awhile to top dress.

We got excellent news from a couple of friends fighting cancer.
V said her tumor has shrunk significantly after her first course of chemo..She starts her combined radiation/chemo on Monday.

Another friend recently learned he has liver cancer. His PET scan shows it is only a small spot and still only in the liver.
He can now decide his battle plan.

Figs are ripe at DaneHaven. So I will be picking and preserving today.
Any extra time will be spent watering.

Sad memory, today is the day I lost Saber Dane about 10 years ago.When We first bought DaneHaven the fig tree was just three dry sticks. Saber thought the sticks were his chew toy. I trained him off the sticks and watered them.The sticks grew into a massive tree bigger than the garage it stands behind. I so miss my Saby baby.

Stay cool everyone!!