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Thursday and first rounds

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Thursday and first rounds
  • Picked up two round bales this morning.  The first of the season.  It is last year's hay but last year the first cutting got in earlier.  Instead of calling neighbor Tom, Cal and I got it off ourselves.  I do not think I need to do my arm exercises today.  

    The first bale is just outside of Whisper's stall.  She tested it.  She approves.  When we left the barn she was at her very own "all you can eat buffet" and seemed very happy.

  • I had a real scare on Tuesday.  Got Louie and Socks out, each for a quick drive.  Louie was relatively quiet, buthen, it was in the upper nineties.  Socks was really lazy, which is not out of  character, but even more so than usual.  We were only out half an hour or so and he wasn't even sweaty when I put him away.

    Shortly after putting Socks in, I fed.  Socks got his usual big flake of hay and...  he didn't dive into it like usual.  He's a real chow-hound and for Socks to ignore his dinner is a cause for serious concern.  Quickly finished feeding everyone else and sought Jmebear's help.

    Well, iturns out Socks had a temp of over 104!  Actually, 104.8!  Okay... that's a problem.  Couldn'take him to see the vet because Jmebear's brakes were out on her truck and mine hasn't a gooseneck hitch.  We finally gothe Vet on the line and she said to hose Socks off, that he seemed to be just a bit overheated.  However she didn't rule out colic either, so I continued sponging him down and spraying his legs, as well as walking.  Abouan hour later his temp was a hundred even and I put him back in after removing his food, poor fellow  He was understandably angry about no dinner!  Didn't sleep much as I kept going outo check on him.  Didn't sleep well last night either.  Now every time I sit down I fall asleep.  Blessedly, Socks is back to his usual self.

  • What a scare!  Socks is blessed to have a caregiver who knows him well enough to know when there is an issue that needs tending to.  So many people do not.  They don't observe, they don't learn, and they often lose their horse because of something that could have been taken care of.  Those of us who take care of our own horses learn what normal is.  When a horse is off the earlier the issue is addressed, usually the better the outcome.