MaderChica arrives today for a two week stay.
I have my pain Dr. follow up appointment today at 10 and she arrives at 11.
Sis is picking her up at airport. We will do family dinner. I have chicken spaghetti ready to go.

It is always fun to have her visit and she will help me get caught up on horses.
Feet, worming, grooming etc,,, And some extra riding of course.

Last night we had our longhorn partners over for dinner.
He took care of the cattle while we were away.
We had shrimp that had started to defrost from the dead freezer.

I am not having much luck with appliances lately. First the water heater issue.
And my dryer keeps going on the blink, heat decides to stop.
The freezer died which was only 3 maybe 4 years old at the most.
Then I had one of my big slow cookers die in the middle of making italian sauce from said dead freezer.
I will be happy when this appliance curse ends.

We did not get to meet Dana's Gary at Osh. We saw his plane but couldn't get close even though we went to the war bird section twice.
Too many planes moving in and out when we tried to get close.

Yesterday we spent getting inspection and registration done on Rav so she can drive it while she is here.
And today we have to roll early to get to Dr. by 10 an hour and a half drive.
My butt is dreading the ride in the car, but thankful Pilot doesn't mind all the driving.
He did the whole drive to Osh and back.

Everyone have a great day!