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Tuesday Travel

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Tuesday Travel
  • We went to San Antonio to get some camping stuff.
    Prepping for the journey to Osh Kosh.

    New camp stove etc...
    Pilot is also thunking ahead with purchases to cover a camp trip he and nephews are planning to Big Bend this fall.
    Today the plan is to organize the camp stuff to see what else is needed.

    We should be able to meet Dana's Gary while we are at Osh.

    It was a nice ride on Sunday but got really hot so it got cut short.
    Maybe need to plan more evening rides until Summer heat is over.

    Everyone have a great day!

  • Speaking of heat, I've had some serious problems with it this summer.

    Jmebear and I took a little trip over to Happy Valley and Fireworks Farm to pick up two pretty little Dorper Ewes.

    Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

  • Apache sweets like a pig. Do pigs sweet? He is soaking wet every afternoon from the heat and humidly. After he eats his dinner he just wants to stay in his stall under the fan. Everyone got rinsed off after dinner last night.