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Sunday Farrier

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Sunday Farrier
  • Good ride with Fancy and Apache yesterday. Kept short due to heat and humidity. I use to have to prep Apache in the wash bay. He was horrible with his feet, kept backing up. Once his butt hit the wall he would stand fine. Finally got beyond that sometime this year. I can do his feet and he won't backup and inch. He use to also resist being caught when he knew work was coming, that too has passed. 

    No riding today as it is farrier day. She is supposed to come around 9 AM. Hoping sister does not show up with grand kids. We have learned that Spirit does not like kids. If they are around she is a nervous wreck.  

  • I used to take care of a Standardbred named Achiever.  He was a horse I really liked.  He, however, could not handle more than one person at a time.  He wanted to give one person, their movements and words his complete attention.  Add a person and he got nervous.  

  • Horses have different personalities.

    Non horse people are always so surprised at that.

    R&C got sad news. Their Palomino has a probable cancerous ear.

    Biopsy sent so prayers may help. The ear may need to be removed.

    He is an awesome true kid's horse. Their grandson grew up riding him.

    I rode him in my wedding nine years ago. He is 21 about the same age as my Jet and Tonto.

    After recovery I think maybe an eared fly mask would work for him if we can waterproof one ear on it?

    C, Beth and I are going to ride today.

    I need to start rasping on some horses to stay ahead of the farrier game.

    I hope everyone has a joyful day!

  • Had a farrier business for about 25 years and retired but still do about 1/2 dozen horses in our  barn

    What I do for people with problem horses is do their horses every couple of weeks

    For a small fee I pick up the foot, put the back on a stand, lightly file the foot, bring the foot forward onto the stand and file the toe,

    Lots of treats, speak gently and put the foot down quickly if he is behaving

    By doing this we keep the session short, reward and they get to like the routine.

    By waiting and then more cutting and time the horses get upset

    Keep it short and fun

    You could get a file and do it yourself inbetween