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  • It's late on the east coast but I'm paying bills and decided to jump on.

    I had to say goodbye to my good ol' dog Teddy. One of his tumors was discovered to be malignant and I decided to just let him go peacefully. It was so invasive just trying to get it all (with no guarantee) would have been a painful recovery. Plus there were more suspicious tumors she hadn't even gotten to. He was 13 and had a good run. Sure miss him around here. I got an elderly dog about his size a few months ago and she is helping my little girl just by being here. Plus she doesn't take any guff from the cat and Carmy thinks that's pretty cool.

    I'm working a lot of overtime and haven't had a day off this month, thanks to the earthquake events. Had another one today, well, they're constantly going, really.

    Temps are climbing. 105 today per my car. I'm inside but we have a lot of people from elsewhere helping us fix stuff and they're not used to this. Hoping it cool off before we go to the dog park. Mid-90s would be nice. lol

    I hope everyone is doing well. hugs
  • You wish for middle 90s, I am wishing for middle 80s. :-)

    Glad you are handling the shaking well, maybe not well, but handling it none the less.. Have experience with a very minor shaking here. Wouldn't have noticed except we had a bird at the time that started squawking seconds before it hit. She woke us up and then we felt it. We had an Earthquake alarm.

    Been having adequate rain so far and have actually been able to get a least one ride in every weekend.