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Happy 4th!

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Happy 4th!
  • Said water heater was $4000+ 2 and a half years ago. Lifetime warranty.
    Interesting thing was I asked Pilot to check in case it was lightning.
    We had a strike very close in the last big storm.

    Plumbers finally came and apparently the lightning had blown a wire nut off and the wires became disconnected.
    Thankful for the easy fix.
    Crazy what things cost. I am shocked at what the new roof will cost. Yes insurance coverage but crazy.

    My laptop is 10 years old and barely hanging on.

    Hanger Party at the small airport where Pilot used to keep one of the planes.
    Friends of Amy's are hosting and invited us. We shall go. I am hoping one of the pilots needs a copilot for the trip to Osh Kosh.
    We are planning to drive up and camp, but I prefer Pilot to fly up with one of his buds.

    I hope everyone has a fabulous fourth!
  • Went up to Fawn Lodge for mail and to look for my equalizer hitch.  I had left it on the tongue of my Spartan.  Not anywhere on the property.  Came back to Oak Run and it isn't here either.  Looks like I have to buy another.  Great... they're not cheap.

    Drove Louie (modern Shetland) today.  He pulled one of his pranks by refusing to go outhe gate.  Turned him around and circled back for the gate giving him a good wack with the whip as we reached it.  Surprised the heck out of him and he wenthrough the gate for a really good drive!  He was a good boy.  All the mini mares were out in the Arena and came up to the fence in order to follow for a little ways.   He actually did well for not having been driven for five or six months.

    Tried Chance's harness on Jack.  Poor baby has never forgotten having his tail gingered!  I have to be so very careful putting his crupper on or he'll literally sit down!  One of those awful things they used to do to show ponies.  Praise God that practice died out!  

    Anyway, it looks like Chance's tack is going to fit Jack.  Which is nice because that way I don't have to get anything for him.  We shall see if he's even driveable.

    So,  that will make three black ponies of three different sizes to drive.  Maybe a Tandem or two.  Jack and Louie are a problem by themselves.  So that leaves only Raven as a leader.  She's perfect for Louie, a bit small for Jack.

    Poor Socks.  He wasn't happy about my not getting him out.  Maybe tomorrow.

    Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

    Nitey night!

  • Quiet 4th here. Did a little shopping , steaks on the grill. Had to hold off feeding horses due to a passing storm. Wasn't bad for us but it shut down one direction of I-20 from a tree coming down. Need the rain and it appears we are back into a rainy spell. I won't complain.

  •  A quiet 4th here, too.  Cal wants to keep Bella because she is so easy to work with.  I want her gone because I do not feel comfortable riding her.  Thirty years ago it would not have been an issue.  Now,  I am much more aware of how breakable I am.  I admit, she is a sweet horse to work with from the ground.  She just is a bit too full of "go' when on her back.  I am not sure if she is wanting to move out or give me a flying lesson...that collection thing she does could go either way.  If she would calm down and just plod,  it would not be an issue.  That and the fact that she really does not focus on me when I am on her.  Not a safe ride when the horse is constantly looking for its companion and calling for her.

    A friend runs a rescue.  Her husband went to Texas to see his parents and to pick up two huskies that were slated for euth.    When he got them, there was a JRT puppy there awaiting the same fate.  He decided he needed a co pilot for the trip back and took her too.  She rode in the front seat, cageless.  He put a wee wee pad on the floor and she used it.  I have added her picture.  I can see why he brought her along.  I could be in love and I don't even need or want another dog.

    I need to get in touch with my hay guy and get a round for in the barn.  I am down to the last few bales of good squares...the rest they have told me are not good enough to eat, they would rather go hungry.

  • I love Jack Russells.  However I don't get along well with terriers very well.  Your friend's little JRT is adorable.

    The 4th was uncharacteristically quiet here in Oak Run also.  Very few gun shots and only a few small explosions.  However around ten or eleven o'clock it sounded like a lot of big fireworks going off somewhere in the distance.  Funny how much it does sound like a battlefield from far away.