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TS Hmmmmm
  • Went to Tractor Supply to use my quarterly 10% coupon. Feed, replenish fly spray, stuff for birds and squirrels. 

    As I am checking out the cashier scans the Dumor fly spray and informs me she doesn't like it. I wondered if she realized she is trashing her companies own brand. Though I did agree with her that it isn't that great and informed her that the expensive stuff was for when we went riding. So she questioned, 'You ride?" "Yep" She then said "we use kerosene on the horses when we ride." I responded, "do you then use a match to light them up?" Dirty look, "No!"

    Anyway, she claims it really works and after Googling I did find some references where it is included in some home fly spray recipes. 

    Interesting. Not sure I want to try that.

  • Ah yes, the war on flies. I seem to be making some headway here.

    Now it is the battle against chiggers. Hot hair dryer works somewhat on the bites.

    Someone from the church is going to give the priest lessons.

    I hope everyone has a nice day!