nicer weather with the onset of summer
We had a few HOT days with humidity. (I hate humidity)
But temps are back down in high 80's for the week. Cloudy and breezy also.
We have slight chances for rain. But we are somewhat saturated also.

It should be nice weather for working outside. Pilot was able to try out the new mower yesterday.
He is more motivated to get stuff neatened up now. As his back allows of course.

Ed the farrier brought his granddaughter and her visiting BFF for a riding lesson yesterday.
Visiting friend has the horse bug and it was her first ride. She did awesome. Started her on Jet and then moved her to Tex so granddaughter could try also.
Granddaughter is less than enthusiastic but did her best.
Poor old Jet had to lay down for a nap after they left.

Tex did awesome for it being his first lesson giving ride. I was a bit worried because he came in with cuts all over his left shoulder the night before.
Nothing deep but not sure how it happened. I have a suspicion he was itchy from the heat and decided to scratch himself on the fence?
Tex had to do some trotting. He is more about lazy walking. But girl loved him and never peeped about how big he is.

Ed seems to be doing well after his back surgery. Weird thing is the surgery is basically what Pilot did to to his back unintentionally.
Ed said I had done good work on the horses so far. (Although I have fallen behind with Pilot being injured)
He told me a couple picky things to keep me improving. Jet does need his front shoes reset so I am tempted to get the new farrier in to do them all again.
If I need one to do a ride I can get it done myself.

I hope everyone has a safe Saturday and Sunday!