Big line of thunderstorms all night and this morning.

Hunter - nice to see you. Pilot fell on the front steps. Doctor just released him to start moving around.
Off course he is over doing.

He should have been brained but not for the shoes.
He tried to force Sarcee to load when I was trying to leave for the trail ride Saturday.
I went to the restroom and came back to her pulling back, hitting her head and blood spurting from a cut under her ear.
So after having to call R to help load her, my Saturday was spent visiting with a Vet I hadn't seen in awhile.
And of course she wouldn't load for the trip home.

Shall we say I'm not happy.

Father's day dinner at Sis's last night.
Chili dogs, fries and hot fudge brownie sundaes.
Everyone bugged out a bit early to get prepared for oncoming storms.

Tonight is Board meeting.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Monday!