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Saturday Show or Trail

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Saturday Show or Trail
  • I am going to trail.
    It sounds like Stude will show?
    Glad to her the ponies are better. How did you deal with the founder?

    Pilot is feeling much better but trying hard to still behave.

    Have a great weekend!
  • My computer is dying of old age and may cut out at any time, so If this does'nt get completed or has a lot of weird spelling, there you have it.

    Raven was rotated 20%.  So we had the Farrier conform her foot to that.  Then we had him roll her toes so the pressure was off them.  We closed her inside during the winter to keep her feet as dry as possible and Jmebear also used a compound that hardened her soles.  We fed her a Magnesium product called Remission to help keep her blood sugar under control.  She is still getting a strong dose of it daily.  As a result, she is sound, for the most part, and is able to run and play with the minis.  Her feet have developed the ridges typical of a founder victim, however the hoof is now growing out in a normal angle and shape.  I hope and pray she continues like this as Jmebear really needs a happy ending on this one.

    Bennie's new owners arrived today with her Mother's horse trailer.  Jmebear insisted on pulling the mats and checking the floor.  She had the Husband stomp around inside and his foot went right through the floor along the back edge.  Judging by the rot pattern, it was caused by urine coming through where the seam in the matting was.  A very common occurence.  Praise God they found it.  So we will be delivering Benjamin (Bennie) and Izabella (Izzie) on Monday.  I'm going to miss them both.

  • Neither. Although there are tons of trails around here. but the triple digit heat...yuck

    Surprise. Remember me?

    I'm so seldom on my computer but I was on to add my new vehicle to my insurance, thought I'd jump on and say hello.

    I'm putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. I'm putting an offer on a property. I'll tell you about it as soon as the offer is accepted. potential horse property. Fully fenced but it has oleanders in front so it would need to be cross fenced and it needs pens, shelter. I want to get a burro and bond with that then maybe a mustang foal. Fencing requirements are 4' vice 6' for a baby and it would be nice to be able to bond and slowly work with it for a few years. The burro would provide company and, hopefully will be a good influence with training. Just a wild hair.

    Anyway the property is down a washboard dirt road (across from BLM land) with a nice view of the sierras. It's just a little single wide but it has a lot of potential. I think I can make it horse property first, then decide if I want to try to build a house. Either way it will be more attractive for future potential buyers. I'll be here another 4yrs or so.

    Anyway I don't want to destroy the Lincoln with the dirt road every day. I can take the dogs or make long trips in it.

    So there you have my life. Actually it's been rather crazy helping a 70+yr old get her stuff sold/shipped and get her off to VA where her kids moved after living here for 30yrs and talking her into moving here...6 months before they left. I didn't get it. Why didn't they just take her with? Or come back and help her? She had no one. Well, until me. I found her in the throes of a melt down. (I went to buy a lamp from her.) So all is well. I still have a few boxes I'm sending little by little.

    Then there's the lady who had major surgery with no one here for her. She lives in a travel trailer parked in the yard of an elderly couple who let her live there. The trailer is a mess. I took her for surgery and brought her home to my place where she could rest and be taken care of - well fed, working shower (not available at her trailer). So she was here about 4 weeks total, the last week she took care of the pets while I went to CT for a week. (I paid her for that)

    Okay CT - a whirlwind "vacation". I had so much to do including getting boy moved out of the apt I was helping him pay for. He's in his gf's house so I'm done with that expense. Signed the papers for the sale of the house. YAY! Visited my Aunt, the last of my moms 12 siblings (13 total). Visited my former coworkers, which was terrific. Went clamming (not on my list but a nice surprise and break). Saw some stuff, shopped a little... A really great time. Stayed with Jeff. He still makes me feel unimportant. I don't think he really knows what love is. Maybe God will get through to him. Cuz I sure can't.

    The Pacific Crest Trail is nearby and I took Carmy for dental surgery in Kernville. On the way I picked up a darling couple of hikers from the Netherlands and treated them to lunch them dropped them at their campground. Found another hiker from Germany and gave him a ride back to the trail. FUN!!!

    So those are my good deeds. It's nice getting them out. I try not to talk about it much because I don't want to come across as bragging. It's super fun for me to help people. I'm so glad they let me.

    Now it's me time with this place and new 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD. :)

    Love you guys. Please don't be mad I don't stop more often. Maybe if I got internet...

    Now I have to go look up what's wrong with Pilot - unless MK brained him for posting pictures of her rag shoes. :)

  • I give. How'd he break his back?


    Well, I can sympathise  with both your old ladies Hunter.  My family ignores me and I live in a Travel Trailer.  Except my trailer isn't a mess.  Doggy, but then I think you would understand that.