I've been working on a septic tank repair for Jmebear for a few months.  That job just started out attempting to figure out why the leech lines weren't working properly and why the tank kept overflowing.  

First I tried cleaning out the leech line.  No go, no flow.

Then it rained continuously for several months.

So I decided to try cleaning out the leach line from the tank's end.  That's when I discovered how roots invade pipe from underneath by cracking it.  I found four feet of split pipe full of tree roots.  So I dug further back to find unbroken pipe to patch onto.  That's when I found the Distribution box and four leach lines.  However, I also discovered the real reason why the system wasn't working. 

All four of the leach lines were clear.  It was the distribution box that was blocked by some white crystaline compound and tree roots.  The roots had broken up the box and I had to replace it.  Everything is back together tonight and I will see over the next few days if I was successful in fixing the thing.

Jmebear was complaining about all the cost of parts and so on.  I reminded her that a couple of hundred dollars for two rentals of a drain auger and parts to repair the problem now it has been found, were a lot less than it would have cost to have a pro come out and do this.  A pro would have insisted on a new septic system and that would likely cost over thirty thousand dollars here in Soviet California.

I'm so glad that job is done.  I have other things to do.  Like getting Socks out.  He's feeling neglected.

Jmebear and I took back a rescue pony she sent to a new home six years ago.  He has been through a series of homes since.  Now he's back.  I asked her if he could stay with me as a companion for Socks since his best friend Chance died last summer.  I liked Black Jack when he came to Jmebear the first time and never had a chance to do anything with him before he was gone.  Well, now Socks is missing his pal and needs a new one.  So we have Jack and he's coming along nicely.  I'm going to attempt driving him this summer, if I can get my act together sufficiently.  

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!