Super long volunteer day is planned.

First off feed calf which is still in the weaning pen. (and hopefully I don't run into the rattler this morning)
MaderChica informed me that the weaning process won't work since we have 2 mommas still with milk. grrrr
That calf needs to go to the sale barn sooner than later.

Off to Resale until noonish. Then to Help Center. On to take lunch and mail to and check on my dad.
Sis does it mostly every day. I am in town today so will give her a deserved break.

Back to Resale to rendezvous with Pilot who is bringing freshly scrubbed horse trailer.
A group of us are going to Kville with a couple trailers to pick up a load of furniture being donated to the shop.
Then back to unload before heading home.

Pilot and I went to the warehouse store in San Antone yesterday and got a start on reloading the pantry and freezers.
I still need a big grocery store store run to complete the stock up but I am glad to have a major part behind me.

Face - Thanks for the Ranger spray I am wondering if the Eucalyptus can be switched out with another oil?
I can't bring myself to do Rod's vanilla extract. I make my own extract and beans are hard to get.
I miss him and his beautiful team. And lots of other folks who don't join in anymore. ;(

Stud, So sorry about your home having to change. Prayers that you have an easy time of it.