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Monday. A day of remembrance.

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Monday. A day of remembrance.
  • A day to remember what many sacrificed so that we can live as comfortably as we do.  So often we take our freedoms for granted and we forget the ones who made it possible.

    Now, on a lighter more horsey note,  I took Whisper out on the road late yesterday.  I have had  her on the shoulder between the house and the barn before, but this time we rode down the road, crossed over and rode up the road.  No begging to go back to the barn, no fussing about traffic, no complaining about working for her oats.  She is one sweet red headed mare.


  • Connie - And a pretty red head!

    B and I went for a short ride yesterday. She is starting to ride Tex.

    He will be a good horse for her once she gets past his intimidating size. A big old teddy bear.

    She gets tired of Sarcee's antics. I just ignore. That leaves the mares for me to switch off on.

    We did the family burger dinner last night at Sis' s. Lots of laughter.

    Just the usual chores is the plan so far today and there is a mare that needs to worked.

  • Managed a ride 3 days in a row, despite the heat wave. We started around 8:30 each morning. They were short rides. Sunday the horses got rinsed for the first time this year. The high humidity has not arrived yet, so it wasn't too bad.