Another storm last night.
Only a quarter inch but too wet again for turnout.
Everyone got out yesterday.

I took Tonto out to graze on lead after he had a nice bath.
I feel bad for him.
Thought about getting one of these plastic portable corrals for him but they are double the price of panels.
There is a nice meadow near the barn where i could put up a lightweight round pen and keep moving it so he could graze.

Parade on Saturday but chance of rain is 75%. I only consented to ride in it because of B.
She is coming to ride tomorrow eve and we will discuss.

All three of mine are comfy bareback rides. Sarcee can be iffy staying on if she is in race car mode.
Jet is like a pick-up truck and Tex is the barco-lounger.

Tex's birthday yesterday and Sarcee's tomorrow.
He turned 10 (already) and she is 19.

I need to get feed today or tomorrow. I will wait and decide after the updated forecast.

Everyone have a terrific Tuesday.