Thunderstorms all around us.
It sounded like a big one was going hit us about 3am this morning but it slid past.
We are still wet from last week's 2 inches.

Barely dry enough for horses to be turned out but because I am short on hay they are going out 3 at a time to graze.
I am keeping one in to keep Tonto company during the day.
But to save another ration of hay, that one goes out in the late afternoon.
Tonto gets his hay to occupy him and he is adjusting to being left alone, I feel bad for him.
I have less time to hand graze him.

Long days doing everything by myself.
Pilot has another month of recuperating.

Dad is back to his usual obstinate self.
Not eating now and not using the walkers I have staged throughout the house for him.
Sis and I are trading off through the day and evening. She is a saint.

I hope everyone else has nice weather.