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Wet Wednesday

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Wet Wednesday
  • Once again we have rain.  I guess there are parts of the country that need it.  This is currently not one of them.  The mares are loving the green grass coming on.  Whisper does not like rain much so they are in today.  If it warms up  they might go out.

    No big plans for today.  I suppose I could go over and help the girls shed.  Will wait and see if I have energy later.  Something about dark dreary damp days that makes me want to crawl back into bed.

    We have a chance to rent our big field but not sure I want to.  the people grow produce to take to others to sell, I think NYC is the ultimate destination.  they do an excellent job tending their fields but just not sure I want them that close.  One is friendly and is into natural herbs and medicines.  He should be here now, we have plenty of colt's foot in bloom.  They do not stay here in the winter time.  I think country of origin might be India.

    I hope everyone is having a good week and a great day.

  • It has been a long week here and it is only Wednesday.

    Monday morning was spent at the ER getting Pilot's back checked out. It only took me 10 days to convince him to go.

    He broke 3 spinal processes. The wings on the vertebrae.

    He is laid up for a good while.  Not allowed to do anything.

    That leaves everything on me. I can do it but rain coming in is a complication I don't need.

    If it rains and horses are in I won't have enough hay.

    I only have a couple squares and a partial round..

    We are also using hay for weaning a calf.

    I would have made it through on hay had all the rounds I bought last year been good.

    I think I will avoid the Tifton this year. Although the hay that was good was very nice.

    Some rounds had a lot of red clay dirt and bad hay mixed in.

    I was able to get 4  large 3 string coastal bales yesterday. These should get me through to first cutting rounds that should come in end of next week.

    Maneuvering them into the hay shed took some doing.

    I used my big yard wagon and a lot of average to get them unloaded.

    I have to be careful not to overdo and get laid up myself.

    Also my dad is not well. He is 81 with crippled up knees and THE most OBSTINATE person in the world.

    He was dehydrated and hadn't eaten for a couple  days by the time we found out he was sick.

    He WILL not go to the doctor or ER. Managed to get him hydrated but he is eating very little.

    Sis and I are taking turns checking on him.

    Yes Stude -Texas lupines.

    Connie- I would have a strict written contract for a lease.

    The 2 boarding situations I had did not go well and I am very gun shy.

    One was suppose to be 2 weeks, then 2 months and ended up being 2 years.

    In the midst of the drought with an extra horse on my pasture and no extra money for scarce and skyrocketing priced hay.

    Happy May Day everyone!

    I have officially been in Texas for 15 years.