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Sunday still shedding

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Sunday still shedding
  • I bathed the girls on Friday.
    They are mostly done shedding.
    Chica has some weird very fine long hair that she hasn't shed yet. And she is getting more grey coming through the white.
    Sarcee's black colored areas have radically changed this year to a roan grey?

    The boys are still in full shed mode.
    Jet looks horrible. His front and butt have the nice new golden coat and the rest of him has the whitish dead coat still hanging on.
    Tex is still a big fuzzy bear. He's the one I wish would roan.

    B is coming to ride this morning so Jet will get a grooming.
    It should be a beautiful sunny and eighty degree day.

    Sis and I went to the hummingbird banding event. it was very interesting.
    We plan to attend next year.

    Everyone have a sunny day!
  • Raining here.  Still, stalls need doing and I will let the mares decide whether they want to be in or out.  Betting Whisper votes for in and Bella would prefer out but will not move far from Whisper.

    Peddies for the girls in the morning.  got my regular guy coming.  Was not impressed with the local one I tried...well, impressed maybe but not favorably.

    Looking for some sunshine.  Had to turn the heat on here.

    Hoping everyone has a great week.

  • All this discussion of weather makes me think of the dangerous point we are at here in Soviet California.  Like last year, we went suddenly from cold, wet, rainy to warm, dry and sunny.  Not a good sign.  I do hope and pray that we don't get another summer like 2018!  However both the State and the Feds seem to be behaving much more sensibly this year.  Like I said before, seeing those fire breaks on the ridges was very encouraging.  We shall see what comes next.  My fervent hope is for rain at least into June.

    In the meantime the grass in the back acres is knee-deep and beautiful.  I love the lavender heads to the Timothy and the various wildflowers blooming.  We have a variety of small Lupine growing in a large patch behind the barn that is just gorgeous.  Not sure if you Texans call that Blue Bonnets or not.  Whatever their name is they're beautiful.

    I have been so pleased that I waited a year more before cutting down what trees I thought had died from the fire.  Seems only a few actually did die, of the oaks anyway.  Nearly all of the Manzanita is lost.  Not a great loss, that.  A heavy growth of the stuff makes me nervous as it's like gasoline when it burns.  All the same, the place seems to be recovering from the fire nicely.  All we have to do is get the fences back up.  Yeah, two years now and still no fences.  Thank heavens for a generous neighbor!

    Well, back to work.  Lots to do and little time to do it in.