Soaked! Nearly 2 inches of rain.
Happy pasture and hay fields.

Our fence work got rained out. I wanted to finish that project.
But rain is the best reason to cancel anything here.

I have volunteer day today. Plans for Friday and Saturday means no ride until Sunday?
Maybe I can sneak one in Saturday evening.
Friday meeting Pilot's cuz at a nearby town's benefit crawfish boil.
I don't care for mudbugs but a nice idea to have an event that benefits all the town's charities.

Saturday is an annual hummingbird banding event at a friend's home.
I have been invited numerous years and need to attend.

Forgot to mention that B has a short story published in the magazine titled Adelaide.
It is out now and on page 69. So dang proud of her!!!!

It is looking like a beautiful weekend here weather wise.
I hope your's is too!