to finish that (expletive) fence project!
It needs the finishing ties and putsy wire straightening.
We have rain forecast but we can do some of it.

Tomorrow is 100% rain forecasted.
We shell see. We can use more.
Waiting patiently for the first cutting.
I am on my last round bale. It seems to be a good one.
I can limit some hay consumption due to warm temps and plenty of green grass on turnout.

The meeting went well and the bad actor out.
Things should be more harmonious again.

I got some plants although not what I wanted. GRRR.
A lemon and a lime, one small Texas sage and a well shaped fig.
The rain should help soften things up for moving other plants around.
I have lots of salvia seedlings and rosemary rootings that need to be placed.
When this planting extravaganza will happen I am not sure.

We have plans through the weekend except for tomorrow. when it will be rainy.
I have a horse that >needs

Connie, I am glad that Whisper can get you riding.

I am also glad to report that V sailed through her first chemo treatment!

Everyone have a terrific Tuesday!