him away.
Our cattle partner is taking one of his steers to process today.
We will be glad he is gone. He just has a mean look in his eye and very skittish.
He is out of a bad acting cow they had for several years.
They finally took her to auction just to be rid of her. Beautiful horns but she was nasty.
Not the type you want in your herd. I think they have one more calf from her.
I hope it is an easy job getting him penned and loaded this morning.

We have another chance for rain tomorrow night. I hope it happens.

R is buying my old 3 horse slant trailer. I don't need it anymore since we got the wider, taller aluminum 3 horse.
Lots of good, fun miles have been had with the "Tin Can".

Sad about Notre Dame.

I hope everyone has a safe week!