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Wednesday we'll

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Wednesday we'll
  • spend driving to appointments.
    Pain doctor in Marble falls this morning.
    A long way to go but I love him.
    Then back through Fredburg.
    An afternoon appointment with the new tax preparer.

    Yesterday Richard Cole passed away at the age of 103.
    I had the honor and pleasure of meeting him on several occasions.

    I had a couple really nice evening rides this week with my friend C.
    We haven't ridden together in a good while.
    Silly since we are neighbors.

    One ride on Tex and one on Sarcee.
    Neither had been ridden lately but both were perfect.
    Our weather has been amazing.
    Although the live oaks are pollenating and everything is coated in green.
    90* today but 30 mph winds should blow the pollen away.
    Another ride is planned for Friday evening. II will take Tex again.

    B plans to come this weekend. She wants to start riding Tex.
    She will like him.

    Happy mid week everyone!

  • Spent some time re-configuring upper pasture fence. Old neighbor had put up a fence along once section about 1 foot away. Made it difficult to maintain unwanted growth, like trees coming up in between. With our electric fence trees touching not good. New neighbor allowed us to run electric fence along his wooden fence. Since electric runs along the slats of his fence, from her view all he sees is his wooden fence, which is a much better view. Finished everything up last night and moved horses up there for the first time this year. Grass is in good shape up there and they were happy!

  • Not sure I remembered to post this and not wanting to search to see, I will say it here.  Now that the grass is greening up in the pasture, the mares are going down to sample it.  I am so pleased.  For a year and a half, Whisper has hated that pasture.  When she stopped going there she broke out in bumps.  I called them hives but I think now she had a close encounter with ground bees.  No matter what happened, she blamed it on the pasture.  Now, with Bella to encourage her, they go down and eat.  They are getting some third cut grass hay every day along with their first so I am hoping the transition goes smoothly.  There is even water down there if they don't mind drinking from other than a plastic container.  They should get to go out later this morning.

    Glad about the new neighbor, Face.

  • New neighbor is retired special forces who then worked for Homeland Security. He says he lives out in the country because of what he learned working at Homeland Security. He also use to train hunter jumpers and did that himself.