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Friday fetched

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Friday fetched
  • the last two round bales.
    Put one out to use. Rain is forecast so I wanted to get them beforehand.

    Tomorrow a ride was scheduled but cancelled due to impending rain.
    I will ride anyway if it holds off.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • Boy, is it raining here!  Downpours all over.  Flooding too, but not so bad as Nebraska.  We're going to pay dearly at the grocery store this year for all that mid-west flooding.

    Jmebear had a new tackroom delivered on Wednesday.  Problem is that we have a week of rain forecast and there's no paint on it.    I wonder if I got a bunch of cheap tarps and stapled them just under the eves, if it would help.

    Still working on getting everything done around here.  thought I was going to get a chance to clean out the pens and stalls and it started on a cycle of rain again.  So much for that.  It's knee-deep now!

    Still working on getting the new coach home.  Lots of work to get done before the poor old lady can hit the road.  Hope to work on her some this coming week.  Her coupler is broken, so I have to fix that.  Won't even attempt to pull a trailer with a broken latch.  She's a big girl and finding a heavy coupler is proving challenging.

    Well, I hope everyone has a great week.