It is 32* here at the moment. It is supposed to go into the high 40's by midday. Strong winds headed our way plus a cool night.  Just grabbed my second cup of coffee.  Will go over shortly and feed the girls.  Off with the blankets and out with them for the day.  Whisper is making progress with her foot/leg issue and I am pleased with that.  Bella has improved so much with her deep massage therapy.  She can pick her legs up much more easily and she is moving more freely.  

I saw some interlocking rigid mud mats for animals.  I had the rubber variety and they worked really well until the mats got old and Whisper started pacing on them...they didn't interlock and she managed to get them to move and then made hideous mud pies laced with rubber.  I wonder how expensive these new mats are? My only concern would be they show them being used in feeder areas and I know little pieces of hay and chaff should be very capable of plugging the little holes and making a mess.  Still, in front of the barn a mud free area would be a blessing

We sold the extra truck which was my favorite.  Now the newer truck is in the shop for something to do with the air cleaner.  and the car has decided it is time for new brakes.  I really think it is easier with horses than vehicles.  Maybe because I am not , nor do I have a desire to be, a mechanic.


The tax lady is going to stop by today and pick up our paperwork.  One less thing to worry about,  Need to go to DMV soon to turn in the plates from the sold truck and to register the trailers.  Plus, my drivers license is due for a renewal..good for eight years, and I just might get a new picture.  I no longer have dark hair.  I am all natural grey.

Have a great day everyone.

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