Both Pilot and I are moving slow after working on the fence all day yesterday.
The fence is done except tying the line posts. We didn't have the larger post ties.
There is also an occasional crooked wire or post that needs adjusting.
I tried to get all that I could fixed while I was setting up ties on the t-posts for him.

We didn't do much today except go out for lunch. It is our Sunday activity when there aren't other things scheduled.
Tomorrow we also are going to lunch.
I have a morning meeting and a couple calls to make but then it is time to spend with dear friends.

I hope we feel better tomorrow.
It will be an early night.

I don't have heated buckets.
All the pens have large molasses size tubs.
They get dumped and scrubbed weekly. Sometimes more often depending on how piggy the pen resident is.
When we have freezing weather I bust ice and carry gallons of hot water. Which normally is only a few to several times per winter.

Everyone have a nice evening.