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Friday and, yep, snow

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Friday and, yep, snow
  • It was raining when I turned off the lights last night.  I heard the plow before I got up this morning.  We can anticipate nine inches by Saturday but that won't be bad since most of the snow we had had melted.  We should have plenty of ground water for this season.

    Stude, that is a lot of work you must do (trees) and a lot you have a desire to do (the trailer).  I have some plans for my barn.  I want to take out the middle stall and divide it in half making each of the other stalls bigger.  I have an outlet there and will be able to put the muck bucket sized water tub there and plug it in.  I am not sold on heated buckets, however.  I always fear barn fires.  Whisper will drink water that is cold but she really loves that bucket of hot she gets two or three times a day.  She sees that blue bucket come in the barn with me and starts to nicker.

    I have had Bella a year.  She is fatter and still very mellow to work around.  She is moving better and can get up without flailing, yes, she had an awful time getting up and often got up like a cow.  She has much better control of that left hind quarter now.  I need to climb aboard and start assessing whether she is a keeper or not.  She is sweet so I am hoping she is sensible to ride.  Then it will be a project for the future to teach her that being tied is not the end of the world.

    The weekend will soon start.  Hope it is good for everyone.  I used to ride fence and packed some tools with me when I did.  Not wire, just tools.  I could fix some damage but needed the truck or tractor if wire mending was necessary.


  • Did Pilot's eye check and lunch in Kville today. 30% chance of rain here overnight. We need it but is doubtful. So the plan is to tie fence tomorrow. The is a maybe visit planned from Pilot's late wife's cousin over the weekend. It will just be a lunch in Freiburg if it transpires. Everyone have great evening.

  • We have heated buckets and  have been happy with them. Several years ago all the buckets froze up and they tried to bust through the ice but didn't succeed. The buckets do not get the water toasty warm, basically they keep them from getting ice. Only turn them on when necessary.

  • I know of barn fires from the heated buckets and I am always afraid of the horse getting shocked.  Just my personal fear, I guess.  I know someone who had a stable and they had all heated buckets.  They said it was so convenient.  I asked one simple question,  does each bucket get unplugged, dumped, rinsed out, refilled and plugged back in every day?  I never did get an answer but did hear a long questioning thinking silence on the other end of the line.  The friend was not the one who did the chores but I know they started thinking.

    I have only used the muck bucket one in the winter to make sure I have water if the hydrant freezes up.  I kept it outside when the horses used it.

  • Heated buckets are not convenient when you consider dumping and cleaning. You can't just grab the bucket and go.