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Stinky Saturday

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Stinky Saturday
  • The laurels scent is so strong but lovely.

    No rain yet.
    Today is the last nice day before it starts and goes through Tuesday.

    My friend V got devastating news yesterday.
    Prayers needed.
    I should stay home and work but my friend Brenda is working her Saturday today and I think I will do my extra Saturday shift.
    She is a friend of V also and we can commiserate.

    Connie - I hope the skunk forecast is correct for you.
    I am glad Whisper has improved.

    My Tonto on the other hand seems to have lost the last of his vision.
    He is very disoriented I think the time has arrived to keep him in the roundpen.
    Any advice for dealing with a blind horse will be appreciated.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.
  • Sister officially purchased Spirit yesterday. In the end she won't do much with her and we have a 3rd ridable horse for guest. She pays, we benefit. -:)

    Horse trailer once again loaded with furniture. Local son and wife moving to a new house. We wanted to upgrade to a King bed so they get our old bed and nightstands. They are also getting an antique china cabinet. He belonged to his father's grandmother but his father had no interest in it. My wife thought it needed to stay in the family. So we kept it until the time was right for one of her sons to take it, the time is right. Now we have to find something for ourselves.My wife had it worked on over 20 years ago and at that time it was worth over $5000. Everything stays in horse trailer for a week and a half. They close Friday and we will be flying to Kentucky for a wedding. Plan on touring Churchhill Downs on Sunday. No races next weekend.