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Thursday thrilled

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Thursday thrilled
  • We are into a warm weather streak.
    Chances of rain for later in the weekend.
    I hate the mud but we need the rain to pop the grass growing.

    Pilot apparently had an awesome flight in the P51.
    He was the last flight and they flew for nearly an hour and did aerobatics.
    The P51 pilot was an instructor and let Pilot do much of the flying and signed off on Pilot's log book.
    He had a great day yesterday.

    We are short a person volunteering today so I am going later but staying later.
    I usually stay late anyway because Sis stops by on her way home from work.
    Both her boys are having sports injury issues. She had to take them both in for X-rays.
    Waiting for results.

    I hope Stude is ok. He had a bad day last week and hasn't posted since?
    Everyone have a thoroughly great Thursday!

  • It got above freezing here today.  The sun shown.  Whisper trotted when she went out of the barn.  She is not one hundred percent sound yet but is vastly improved.  First good forward movement without being pushed.

    Got 150lbs of feed today.  I can't really store any more than that and they are doing well on this mix.  Nice today and supposed to be nice tomorrow but Saturday night more "mixed" weather is expected.

    Getting itchy for spring to get here.  My son's cousin said that his grandfather said that winter is over three weeks after the skunks come out.  If that is true, we should have the end of this weather in about ten days.

    Hoping all is well with everyone