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Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday
  • and I am feeling it.
    At least a pound or two.

    21 degrees this morning what the heck!. One more cold night and then this arctic stuff should be done.
    I hope my almond tree survives. It was in beautiful full bloom when the arctic air decided to move in.

    I wanted to make a pot of chili yesterday but didn't have celery.
    I have a friend that needs a cooking break.
    She does foster care and has three at the moment plus her own family with 2 adopted grandkids.
    I can easily quadruple some ground beef recipes for her.

    Not sure what today's plan brings.
    Pilot started taxes yesterday.

    I hope everyone is having a great week!
  • taxes.  A timely reminder of an unpleasant task.  Should be simple but we have to include the sale of the other house this time...not fun but the lady who does them is good and not too expensive.

    Whisper is getting better.  still off behind but better with each passing day.  She is bearing more weight on that leg/foot and her stride is lengthening.

    We are supposed to be in for snow and cold.  I think I want to go back to Maine.